1. About mega-grant prolongation in 2021-2022 years in the frame of Agreement No. 075-15-2021-623 beetween Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the FRC Kazan Scientific Centre of RAS. Basic tasks of 2021 year and discussion on research plan. Dr.  Kalachev A.A.  (25.06.2021)
  2. Work meeting: Current issues, problems and investigations in the frame of Megagrant. Dr. Khaibullin R.I., Dr. Nikiforov V.G., Dr. Sukhanov A.A. (15.10.2021)


  1. A single-photon source based on spontaneous four-wave mixing in optical nanofibers with multiplexing. Shmakova A.L. (29.05.2020)
  2. Backwave spontaneous four-wave mixing. Shukhin A.A. (22.05.2020)
  3. Underwater quantum optical communications. Akatiev D.O. (15.05.2020)
  4. Inсе-Gaissian modes in quantum optics. Turaikhanov D.A. (06.05.2020)
  5. Quantum registers based on SiV centers in diamond. Berezhnoi A.D. (22.04.2020)
  6. Recent experiments on SPDC in lithium niobate microresonators. Dudalov A.S. (17.04.2020)


  1. Basic tasks of 2019 year and discussion on research plan. Dr. Kalachev A.A. (20.02.2019)
  2. Current issues, problems and investigations in the frame of Megagrant. Dr. Hemmer P.R, Dr. Kalachev A.A. and Dr. Khaibullin R.I. (15.05.2019)
  3. Up-conversion properties of Yb3+/Er3+ doped YVO4 nanoparticles dispersed in water. Dr. Nikiforov V.G. (The materials of an article for publication in Laser Physics, 04.06.2019)


  1. Spectroscopy of color centers in diamond. Dr. Leontiev A.V. (Review. 17.01.2018)
  2. Diamond based quantum sensors laboratory creation and research plans. Dr. Kalachev A.A. (Review. 17.01.2018)
  3. Ion implantation into diamond. Dr. Khaibullin R.I. (Review. 07.02.2018)
  4. Photoluminescence spectroscopy. Dr. Shmelev A.G. (Preliminary results. 13.04.2018)
  5. EPR study of color centers in diamond. Dr. Sukhanov A.A. (Preliminary results. 18.04.2018)
  6. EPR study of oxides implanted with chromium. Dr. Sukhanov A.A. (Preliminary results. 16.05.2018)
  7. Making shallow layers of NVs. Dr. Hemmer P.R. (Review. 30.05.2018)
  8. Biosensing with nanodiamonds and nanophosphors. Dr. Hemmer P.R. (Review. 01.12.2018)

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